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The Agreement

This document is from the British Cabinet dated Sept 24, 1935. The report gave the details of an agreement made between Canada and the UK at the 1932 Imperial Economic Conference held in Ottawa to start plans for a Trans Atlantic Air Service which set the stage for the construction of the Newfoundland Airport. It appears they were just finding a way to speed up the mail service from Great Britain. Cabinet Memorandum C.P. 164 [35] 1933 ( as stated in the document) is a lengthy report justifying the cost effectiveness of having an air mail service established for the British Empire.

Plans for trans Atlantic air service started for the purpose to begin an air mail service between Great Britain and Canada. As the idea progressed, larger aircraft were designed to allow passengers to travel with the mail to offset the cost of postage. Today the mail travels with the passenger to offset the cost of a ticket.

Initially amphibious airplanes were used due to the lack of an airport, an air base was established at Botwood to test the trans Atlantic air service for air mail and passengers. The winter ice conditions were recognized as a major problem so a land based aerodrome was necessary to complete the plan.

Little did they know that the need for air mail would have such an effect on the coming war.


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Although identified as Secret, this document is now made available to the public from the UK Archives website.


Researched by J.Pinsent

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