Goals and Mission Statement:

The Gander Airport Historical Society (GAHS) is formed for the purpose of collecting, collating, developing, preserving, and displaying information, photographs, memorabilia and  other  material related to the history of  Gander Airport, originally identified as the Newfoundland Airport.

Our mission includes addressing the concept of building such a large airport in the wilderness without a town to support it, the role it played during WWII, its evolution as one of the major airports in the world during post WWII and  into the fifties, the cultural and social evolution of the people who lived there and their transition into a new town-site that has since evolved. 

This documentation depicting the history of Gander Airport will be made available primarily through a website.The GAHS also has the intention of depicting such history in part through the eventual construction and display of a scale model of the airport and the residential areas as they existed during the post WWII period and into the 1950’s. 

In carrying out its mission, the Gander Airport Historical Society is committed to working closely with other historical and heritage societies and individuals, in the exchange of documents, photographs, information and ideas.



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