We ask for your support

The Gander Airport Historical Society (GAHS) was setup as an incorporated, non-profit, entity in order to record, document, and preserve the history of Gander Airport

Since our incorporation we have been providing a service in order to accompish the goals we have set:

    • We maintian a website plus a twitter account.
    • Constructed a memorial to the Czechoslovakian crash of 1965
    • Honoured the 70th anniversary of the 1946 Sabena crash
    • Assisted in providing information to some 70 requests
    • Given countless interviews to the press about past historical events of Gander airport
    • Donated an exhibit to the NAAM depicting Gander Airport during WWII
    • Honoured the 50th anniversary of the 1965 Czechoslovakian crash
    • In the planning stages of an event to honour Alcock & Brown's crossing 100th anniversary

In order to provide for items listed, the cost is estimated to be worth some $40,000. In order for us to continue providing the service we have pledged to provide, we are asking for your support in assisting us with a financial donation. With your help we wll continue to contribute to preserving the history of the Gander airport.

Donations can be sent to  

Gander Airport Historical Society

P.O. Box 238

Gander, NL

A1V 1W6


An on line email transfer to gahs.webster@gmail.com



Please send along a return address for receipt purposes.


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