Military Badges  Associated with Gander

by R.G. Pelley

The early history of the Gander was basically military and as everyone knows, military units usually have names, numbers and badges to identify themselves. This was the case for units serving in Gander.


Armament section



general RCAF badge from the 1940s in Gander

Flight Control

RCAF fighter control (probably controlled the Hurricanes that patrolled over central Nfld)

NA Sqn 1

This badge seems to be fairly real but may not be. This is because it shows what looks like a Hudson bomber while the North Atlantic Squadron (10 Bomber Reconnaissance) flew only Digbys and B24 (4-engined) Liberators

NA Sqn 2

This second badge looks like it is from the WWII period but it shows a single engine aircraft. But back in those days, many squadrons operated out of gander and I surmise that at some point, the title ‘north Atlantic Squadron” may be been appropriated by others as a generic term.



RCAF radar detachment, most likely post WWII  



RCAF band



RAF Signal Corps



submitted by Peter Knepton


submitted by Peter Knepton


submitted by Peter Knepton



submitted by Anne Eastham


Researched by R G Pelley


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