Ferry Command





Above & Beyond

by J. Pinsent

Above and Beyond is a CBC docu/drama portraying how Ferry Command was started to assist the war effort in Great Britain during WWII. The production was mainly filmed at the Gander Airport where most of the extras were Gander residents. Also playing dominate roles are three well known Newfoundland actors, Allan Hawco, Mark O'Brien,Peter Soucy and Mark Critch.

The story is mainly about the political gamble taken by Churchill's Cabinet and the dangers the crews of Ferry Command had to overcome in order for the ferry operation to be such a success. Some screen writing licence was given to add a little romance to the story. Viewers must realize that the events and script are not historical facts. The production just represents a dramatization of an historical event.

Given the fact that it was a CBC production with a limited budget, the graphics should not be overly criticized and could even be rated as fair. The story is very interesting and the graphical goofs can easily be overlooked. If during the video you try to figure out where the sawmill was located, don't forget Union East was where a sawmill was located on the shores of Deadman's Pond where they produced most of the lumber for the airport's construction.

The movie parts 1 & 2 will be played from our website. It is quite large (1GB each) so it will take some delay for the start of viewing.

Above & Beyond - Part 1

Above & Beyond - Part 2


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