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Gander Depended on the Newfoundland Railway

By J. Pinsent

One of the conditions, when Hall & Vatcher set out set out to search for a suitable location for the new airport to be built, was the location had to be near the railway. How else could construction start without transportation being readily available to bring in construction materials and workers? Later after the airport was completed and WWII required its services, again the railway played a role bringing in constrution supplies to build four milirary bases, base supplies, servicemen and avaition fuel. In the post war years again the railway, being the only provincial transportation portal to the airport, continued to play its vital role bringing in aviation workers, their families, aviation fuel for the new transatlantic aviation service, and supplies for the new airport town.

Although Gander depended on transatlantic aviation for its survival, the most important role was played by the Newfoundland railway and it workers. We recommened reading a webpage produced outside of the GAHS that relates the history of the railway's connection with aviation and Gander.


Special thanks to David Gagnon for giving the GAHS permission to republish a page from his website Rolly Martin Country.html



  Contributed by J. Pinsent


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