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Digital Slide Show Gander WWII

The slide show represents samples of scenery that was produced as part of our exhibit to be donated to the North Atlantic Aviation Museum. This scenery, depicting Gander airport as it looked during WWII, will be incorporated into their flight simulator. In addition, a video will be on display in the museum showing an aerial tour of Gander similar to what you see in the slide show, for those unable to use the flight simulator.

Table model sample available for viewing

Note to viewer: To pause the slide show, move your cursor over the image and click to pause. If image is not full, be patient, it will fill in on the next cycle. Also to get a full view of a slide click on a slide in the film strip below.


Take an aerial tour around Gander Airport WWII


Scenery produced by our digital architect Grant Wilson and Flight Ontario's Al Sibley


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