Gander International Terminal #3 (1959)


This was the third terminal that serviced the airport in Gander and referred too, by some, as Terminal # 3.

The Government of Canada decided in the mid 50's, because of the large number of people passing through Gander into North America, the airport should show a better image of our country. A plan was put in place to show off Canada to the world. This was one of the first new modern terminals built in Canada. In 1959 the terminal was officially opened by her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Little has changed since then. Practically everything has been kept in it's original state with the exception of a few changes in the layout of the lounge area for security requirements.

Because the terminal shows a time capsule of the airports history, the terminal to this day remains as a 'must see' place for tourists visiting the area. The international side is assessable to visitors, behind glassed in areas for viewing purposes, without the need for special permission.

A note to viewers of the slide show. The images you see were mostly taken during the mid 70's.



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