Streets Of Gander

The policy of the Town of Gander from its inception, is to name its streets after aviators with some exceptions, that is, as long it has an aviation involvement.

Most of the names themselves have an historical connection and are easily identified. Others, not so much. This section will deal mainly with street names that have, in some way, a direct connection to Gander Airport's history. These names will be continually updated with time.

What Is In A Name

Bennett Dr

Roe Ave

Sacchi Ave

Laurell Rd

Baird Ave

Tilley Pl

James Blvd

Blackwood Dr

Rowsell Blvd

Cooper Blvd

Garrett Dr

Fraser Rd

Pattison Pl

Gilmore Pl

Backman Pl (misspelled as Bachman)

Ratcliffe St.

Penwell St.

Cobham St.

Blair Pl


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