The Denver Post article about "Hatties Camp"

by R.G. Pelley

I was lucky enough to come across this great photo, not only because of the subject matter but also where it came from. In terms of subject, it shows Gander Airport before it got that name. It is an original photo from March 28, 1939 and is not a reproduction or reprint. This photo measures 6" by 8" and is in very good condition.

It features a view primarily of the administration building being constructed at "Hattie's Camp". One can see the dirt and construction material lying all around the building and it would seem that the runways are still under development.


Admin bldg

As far as provenance is concerned, I was quite surprised when I learned that it came from of all places from the archives of 'The Denver Post' in Denver, Colorado, USA. It would seem that Gander already occupied a newsworthy place in 1939. As can be seen from the text of the reverse side, they speak of "Hattie's Camp, soon to be a bustle of activity when trans-atlantic service will begin this summer".




Researched by R G Pelley

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