Gander Used in Champion Sparkplugs Ad

by R.G. Pelley

This wonderful magazine ad which appeared in  "American Aviation" on 16 January 1956.  It shows well that the profile of Gander in the mid 1950's was still high enough to be considered a reference in the aviation world. It was normal in those days to fly the Atlantic in a 2-engine prop aircraft  -  2750 miles from Gander to Paris in a bit under 9 hours!

sparkplug ad

The aircraft shown is a Lockheed Learstar.  These aircraft started out as Lodestars which had its first test  flight in 1939 and were used by the military. A number of them were converted to civilian use as Learstars after the war.  Rumour has it that they were sometimes successful as drug-runners! I think that, after considerable searching, I may have even come up with a real photo of the same aircraft !


It is interesting to note that the Learstar name has become Candianized , and is now used by Bombardier. As well, there is quite a resemblance to the Lockheed Hudsons which did the first Ferry Command flights from Gander to Europe in 1940.

Researched and contributed by R G Pelley from his personal historical aviation collections.


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