I acquired a magazine from the late 1940s called "The Meccano Magazine". This was from the UK and was a bit like Popular Mechanics, with perhaps a bit more for the Dinky toy crowd.


On page 6 of this particular issue (Volume XXXlll  no 1, of January 1948),there is an article entitled " Eyes and Ears of the Air - How You fly Safely Through Cloud".   Don't forget that this was just a few years after the Second World War and that few except the military really knew what flying was all about. A article explaining modern aviation navigation using air and ground instruments therefore made good reading.

What is very interesting is that the lead photo is course of Gander.

Gander photo

It way not seem so today, but back in the late 1940s, Gander was, on certain days, perhaps the busiest airport in the world.

Researched and contributed by R G Pelley from his personal historical aviation collections.


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