Living Areas of Gander Airport






Residential and business occupied the militarty bases after the war and took upon their name to signify the area of location. The Station area was the original property location of the Newfondland Airport which Ferry Command HQ later occupied and so named because of the railway station location.

Canadian Side
Army Side
RAF Side
American Side
Station Area
McNamara's Camp
Union East


If you are in the Gander area and are interested in walking the streets of the old Canadian side or visiting the other areas, we have made available a walking tour guide for your convince. Just click on the link to download the PDF file. It is a large file so be patient (35.4 MGs). It is best viewed in a printed form. This file can be added to your smart phone or tablet.

To better view the living areas we recommend visiting a digital presentation of an aerial tour of the airport during WWII


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