Life in Gander

With the war being over families began to arrive in Gander as jobs were plentiful. Housing was provided for by the then, Department of Transport who ran the airport. Military barracks were converted into apartments. Most of the building were provided heat from four coal burning heating plants that provided steam, pumped through over head pipes into a large percentage of buildings. Other military buildings became schools, churches, and commercial establishments.

People come from all parts of Newfoundland but also war veterans with their war brides, as well as families from other countries to work for their national airlines which had now begun to set up offices at the airport.

The airport had suddenly became a cosmopolitan town, that looked like a military base, built cheek by jowl with the airport's runways. For those who lived and grew up there, aviation became a part of their life's blood. We will attempt to portray this era though words and pictures.

Ed Pittman & His Historical House

Edgar Baird's contribution to Gander

Let’s go to the Movies!

Eaton's - Best sales per square foot

Dr. James Paton

The 'Ole' Hospital

A day in the life of a typical Ganderite (1949)

Nurse Rose Sheppard Recalls

Gerald Smith recalls

Education at Gander – George LeGrow

War Bride Recalls Early Gander

Gander's Old Street Names

Deadman's Pond Cabin

The Solidaires


The Drill Hall on Foss Avenue

Senior Hockey

Murder at the Airport

Gander's First Pharmacy

VORG - Gander's First Radio Station

Grandview Co-Op Housing Group

Yearbooks - Amalgamated/Hunt Memorial/Gander Academy 1950-1963

CBG's First Woman - Felicity Heath



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