John Murphy

J Murphy

There were not too many Newfoundlanders that contributed as much to passenger travel on the North Atlantic as did John Murphy. He was there right from the start with Ferry Command during the war, carried this experience to TWA when they set up their trans Atlantic operation in Gander, became their station manager and continued with them in New York when they closed their Gander operation.  John also was a skilled hockey player who contributed to the sport as a hockey organizer and builder.  He truly was a Gander and aviation pioneer.

Well known columnist Frank Tibbo wrote two of his aviation columns for the Gander Beacon about the life of John Murphy. Sad to say, his last column was with reference to his obituary. Frank and the Gander Beacon has permitted us to post these columns.

Reminiscing with John Murphy by Frank Tibbo Nov. 7-14, 2005

John Murphy 1923-2013 by Frank Tibbo Sept 17, 2013

J Murphy

John Murphy - 1995

John was inducted into the Newfoundland & Labrador Hockey Hall of Fame in 1995.




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