Other than flying, the only mode of transportation to travel great distances was the train. It was much easier to travel to Montreal or New York for the weekend than to go to Grand Falls. Air travel was unlimited. Buying a ticket from BOAC or PAA was as easy as with TCA. There were no restrictions. But via an automobile it was a different situation. The only road leading out of Gander would get you as far as Appleton. In order to go to Glenwood, across the Gander river, you could walk across the train trestle or via a car ferry. To get to Bishop's Falls and beyond, another car ferry was required to cross the Exploit's River. Travel to St. John's was more difficult via auto. Your car/pickup had to be loaded on a train flatcar in Gander and off loaded in Clarenville to continue your journey eastwards.

Crossing Gander River at Appelton/Glenwood


Train ferry to Clarenville


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