Commercial aviation was about to be developed at the airport to the stage where it would be recognized as a first class operation. The terminal building was a converted RAF hanger to accommodate the expected arrival of international passengers. A good impression was important. Airline companies from all over the world set up shop at the terminal as well. Aircraft maintenance and refuelers were tasked with performing fast and efficient service. Field maintenance, air traffic and meteorological services also were necessary requirements.

The following recorded documentations indicated the development of aviation in Gander.

Development of Commercial Aviation

The Allied (Gander) Connection

EPA's Jim Lewington

History of Nfld. Weather Office in Gander

History of Gander Aeradio

Fond Memories of Constant Challenge

Blue Jay

The Lancaster Bomber Tragedy

TWA's John Murphy

Rex Tilley

Shell Oil

1946 Terminal Opening

Phyllis (Penney) Gaul - NL's First Female Pilot

The Star Of Hollywood Incident

The Fuss Over Gander

In-flight Refueling in Post War Gander

Seaboard & Western Airlines Accident

History of Gander Oceanic/Area Control Centre

Hungarian Rescue

The Crash of Avro York G-AHFA

DC3 Crash with CBC News Team Onboard



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