From The Airport's Children

the boys

The children speak to us from the past, to tell their stories about how life was for them in the Airport Town, but now through the voices of senior citizens. No longer is it possible, for these seniors, to show and tell their children or grand children where they played, where they went to school or where their early life experiences took place. This town no longer exists. For some, after leaving Gander returned to find the old town had disappeared. This is the only method they have left and we hope to provide it here.

These articles are written by individuals who wish to pass along their stories to us. Anyone who wishes to do the same, please write and we will make every effort to ensure it is posted in this section.

Clifford (Cliff) Powell
Garfield (Gar) Pardy
Carol (Mercer) Walsh
Jim Butler
Robert (Bob) Pelley
Don Carter
Jack Pinsent
Clyde Burt
Jim Strong
Eileen (Chafe) Elms
Sandra (West) Kelly
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