Obituary of a Sabena Crash Victim

by R.G. Pelley

I recently obtained a very interesting Gander memorabilia item that is related to the 1946 Sabena crash, something very human and personal, rather than just ordinary photos or an abstract newspaper story.

In Europe, there is a tradition that when someone dies, a "Death card" is made with a photo the deceased person and giving some of his personal history.  In this case, it is a Mr Henri Pauwels who died in the Sabena crash. He was  a Belgian who was very active in government and held important civilian functions. The text is in Flemish and has been translated by a Belgian friend.



Christian or not, all of you who mourn about his tragic pass-over, pray the Lord for the soul of his loyal servant HENRI PAUWELS.

Chairman of Belgian General Christian Federation of Trades-Union
Chairman of the International Christian Federation of Trades-Union.
Former Minister of War Victims
Technical Labourers-advisor of the International Labourers-Conference
Member of the Belgian Delegation of the O.V.V.
Honoured with multiple Pontifical & Civilian Medals

Born in Nijvel on January 19th, 1890
Died as a result of a plane crash near Gander (New-Foundland) on September 18th, 1946


When you read this, you see the crash in different terms than that of the loss of some anonymous people you did not know.  Here in a nutshell is the story of a 56 year old man, someone who made a large contribution to Belgian and international affairs who's life was snuffed out too early.  It is in a way as though he is no longer a stranger at St. Martin-in-the-Woods.


Researched by R G Pelley



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