Sabena Crash Rescue Video


Here are three links to newsreel items from Pathe UK films that may be of interest. At this time we have not purchased any of these films due to financial restraints. Our plan is to eventually purchase these films as our own and posted in this location. We also have a video from the USGC Alumni Assoc. dedicated to Dr. Martin to which the cemetary St. Martin in the Woods was named

Video 1 - Airliner Crash-26 Dead 1946

Scenes taken when a Belgian Skymaster airliner crashed near Gander Airfield. Aerial shot of the wreckage of the Belgian Skymaster aeroplane lying in dense forests. Commentary

Video 2 - 26 Dead-Airliner Crash 1946

Gander, Newfoundland. Belgian Skymaster plane crashes in forests of Newfoundland. No sound

Video 3 - Air Crash in Newfoundland 1946

Various night time shots of rescue people loading aircraft with stretchers and equipment for rescuing people after crash of Belgian aircraft at Gander, Newfoundland. LS. Aerial view of the dense forest where the Belgian airliner crashed. Helicopter taking off from the Gander airfield. LS. Helicopter flying over the forest. LS. Aerial shot of the country the helicopter passes over. Helicopter landing on field. LS. A lake in the forest with a Catalina flying boat moored. Helicopter called in to the rescue carries survivors to Gander Airfield. Survivors were transferred by the helicopter to be flown to hospital - tented camp with rescue team and survivors on field. Catalina moored on the lake. Plane landing on airfield, men carrying wounded on stretchers to be transported to hospital. No sound

Video 4 - US Coast Guard film (full length)

A very good documentary depicting film coverage of the full rescue mission.


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