Grandview Co-Op Housing Group

by Gerard McCarthy

It was sometime in 2016, last year, when I received an email from Ron Chafe about the Co-Op Housing Groups formed in Gander in the mid 50s as a way of developing houses in the new Gander Townsite. Even though I was only 9 when my father Ned started the McCarthy house on Metcalf Street in 1956 I did recall he was 1 of 12 members of the Cotton group. We moved in to the house in 1957. Today I can only recall 9 of the 12 members and the McCarthy house is still in the family now owned by my brother Paul.

On September 21 2017 this year Ron emailed me asking if I wanted to read his essay on the Grandview Co-Op Housing Group, just 1 of 11 such groups formed in Gander. Ron was a member and Treasurer of the group. I agreed and offered to not only publish his essay on my blog but to distribute it also through my usual channels.

As per Appendix 1 of Ron's essay a total of 111 houses were built by 11 such Co-Operatives in the new Gander Townsite in the mid 50s. Even though Ron only wrote about his group the Grandview Co-Op Housing Group, I'm sure all groups operated the same way as described by Ron. Ron's essay certainly provides some insight into that exciting period of Gander's history!

Ron's Essay

© Ron Chafe / Sept 16, 2017 / Ottawa Ontario Canada

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Ron Chafe 2016

 "I came to Gander in July 1946 and worked with Transport Canada Meteorological Branch until ATC Oceanic opened in Gander in I believe 1950 when it was transferred from Moncton to Gander. I continued with the Department of Transport ATC until retirement in August 1984. I was posted out of Gander on different temporary assignments from about 1965 and was subsequently moved to Washington DC as the Canadian Representative Liaison Officer in 1974 and when I finished in Washington DC I came back to Gander to replace Cy Rowsell who was retiring, that was in 1978 I believe and I stayed in Gander to make sure the new Centre was opened and working and then I transferred to Ottawa in 1981 as Superintendent of Canadian Airspace with The Department of Transport from which I retired in August 1984. After that I worked in executive positions with Air Transport Association Canada (ATAC), an airline group, as Director of Air traffic Control and subsequently moved to Business Aviation as President and CEO. I retired permanently in 1991 except for some consulting work. I never did work for Nav Canada except as a consultant."

Ron currently resides in Ottawa and he can be reached with questions and comments on his essay at rechafe@rogers.com.

Editors note: Gerard's blog can be viewed at http://gmac99.blogspot.ca/

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