Gander Airport Model Appeal

The Gander Airport Historical Society (GAHS) was setup as an incorporated, non-profit, entity in order to record, document, and preserve the history of Gander Airport

We are producing an exhibit that will demonstrate Gander Airport as it appeared from WWII up to the relocation of the old town into the area we know today. This exhibit is to be given to the North Atlantic Aviation Museum for their permanent display.

A tabletop model is now under construction that will show the layout of Gander Airport and its town as it once was during the early 1950s, The model will be constructed by a professional model architect based upon blueprints and photos from that era.

A digital model is also under construction that will enhance the table model as an additional part of the exhibit. This digital model is under construction by individuals at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton, ON. This digital model will consist of virtual reality images of the airport as it was during WWII  and during the propeller years of the 40’s & 50’s. These models will be incorporated into the NAAM’s flight simulator where one can fly an airplane into the airport or just sightsee the airport area. In addition there will be a sight seeing virtual reality video of Gander, from a WWII perspective, as it takes you to all sections of the airport on a tour. This will be displayed on a wall mounted video monitor shown in a continuous loop. The video will give the visitor a more detailed close up view of the airport to compliment the overall layout of the table model.

In order to complete this project, the GAHS is soliciting your support. Please consider the benefits and how this exhibit will enhance the NAAM’s purpose in preserving the history of the Gander airport.

It is our hope your support will allow you to contribute to the Gander Airport Historical Society.

View a sample of airport scenes

View simulator scenes from a slide show of Gander during WWII

View Table model samples from a slide show of Gander 1950

Donations can be sent to  

Gander Airport Historical Society

P.O. Box 238

Gander, NL

A1V 1W6


or on line


Please send along a return address for receipt purposes.


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